How to place an order with Purity Jewelry?

To place an order, once you have registered an account with us, simply select the items you are interested in by adding them to cart. Once you have submitted your cart, your dedicated sales executive will reply to you with a quotation along with prices and availability. 

What is the Average delivery date for Items.

If the item you have selected and confirmed is in stock, then we can ship it to you immediately and you should recieve it within a week. However, if it has to be ordered and sent for production, the delivery date is usually 30-40 days for most diamond jewelry. Color stone jewelry with invisible setting can take longer as that is more intricate work that requires recutting, and extreme precision setting. However, our dedciated sales executive will monitor your order regularly to ensure timely delivery.

What if I want to make changes to my order once it has been placed?

If your order has been sent in to production, and then changes are requested, we can not guarantee that we can make changes to it. However we will try our best. The quotation and delivery date of that item will change accordingly. 
If the item has not been sent for production, we can update our system to notify the production team of the changes, and we will do so with your approval of the changed delivery date and quotation (if required). 
Please do try to mention any changes to the items as soon as possible, so that each piece is made perfect for you and your customers. 

Is the diamond weight and gold weight mentioned the accurate weight?

The diamond weight and gold weight mentioned in the item description is an approximate weight given as per our latest production of the item. This might change by 5% up or down.